how many cases like this u know????why girls do this with boys????

January 5, 2007 6:44am CST
some cases, i will tell u one boy i knew loved a girls and when he proposed she said yes and after four years she suddenly said well let us just be friends becoz i have a lover for 6 yrs and it is not u...i just said yes becoz u r a good student and as now u cannot help me so bye... NEXT another guy loved a girl and suddenly her parents decided to marry her off..the boy learnt this and the girl suggested they should commit suicide and the guy got a bottle of concentrated sulphuric acid from chemistry lab.... then when the boy asked the girl to drink she said u drink first then me...and the boy drank but the girl did not now i know that girl is married and has a couple of children too....NEXT this time another instance....a guy loved a gal 6 yrs elder to him she promised him all good things and they wud get married some day but after 5 or 6 months one day when the girl had exploited the boy's monetary reserves sufficiently and the guy starts searching for better jobs the girl deliberately drops a letter in front of the boy and feigns as if it was by chance the letter shows that it was a letter written by the best friend of the boy to the girl....a love letter...the infuriated boy beats his best friend and the girl enjoys and finally she says that well good bye i wouldnot live with a rowdy and the boy turns into an antisocial......... WELL GIRLS TELL ME ONE THING WHY DID GIRLS DO THESE KINDA THINGS..... I ALSO HAVE EXPERIENCED SOMETHING WHICH I HAVE OMITTED.... I AM ASKING THIS TO U GIRLS BECAUSE MEN DO NOT UNDERSTAND GIRLS WELL.... PLease do reply
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5 Jan 07
Redbull thanks for this useful discussion but humbly i request you to not to use lot of only CAPITAL words in your discussion