New Movie Channel 'Reelz' To Air In Fall

January 5, 2007 7:21am CST
A new cable channel for movie aficionados will be launched this fall out of Los Angeles, featuring movie news and reviews. "ReelzChannel" is a big-bucks product of the Hubbard Media Group, a pioneer in satellite television, and has already "burned through more than $25 million" during its six years of planning, the Los Angeles Times reported. The Hubbard family has been in the broadcasting business for more than 80 years. The family fortune was pumped up by the sale of its investment in DirecTV for $1.6 billion. The family is partnering with a group of investors that includes movie moguls Harvey and Bob Weinstein, to purchase a very small cable channel currently devoted to the arts for its base network. Stanley Hubbard, chairman of Hubbard Media, told the Times he realizes the new channel is a high-risk venture, but he said is committed to it. "We are prepared to continue to fund losses for another year, perhaps more," he said.
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