Hierarchical Sovereignty is the key to enduring peace

@andygogo (1580)
January 5, 2007 8:35am CST
Hierarchical Sovereignty is the key to enduring peace Hierarchical Sovereignty is the key to enduring peace Since I was born in the USA and lived here all my life, I will use USA to illustrate Hierarchical Sovereignty. I think it is fair to characterize USA as a Republic of 50 independent states. Each state has some similarities, but also have plenty of differences. Each state has unique socio-political system, budget, and characteristics that make them difference. If you have ever lived and experienced the USA, you know a New Yorker is difference from a Californian, who is difference from a Texan. Each one of these states has different issues and concerns. But each state understands they are part of a Republic, a union of 50 states. State Level Sovereignty means each state runs independently up to state level authority. Another words, they can make independent decisions for their own state, and decisions that only affect their own state. They cannot make decisions for other states, or decisions to affect other states. Federal Level Sovereignty means overall sovereignty above all the states. This is the level of sovereignty for decisions that affect the entire country, or all 50 states. This is the highest-level sovereignty that address federal level issues like hosting foreign bases, buying military equipment to protect the country, representing the country in international entities like the UN, participating in international institutions, etc. Federal Level Sovereignty also confers overall authority so if there are problems between two states, the Federal Level authority allows this government body to resolve the conflict between two states. The tricky part is clearly defining, and communicating what are State Level Sovereignty, authority, powers, jurisdiction, etc. and what are Federal Level Sovereignty, authority, powers, jurisdiction, etc. USA is still sometimes struggling with Federal authority over states rights, and vice versa. Federal and States Level Sovereignty define the hierarchical government structure. It’s not a perfect system. No system is perfect. This Hierarchical Sovereignty is the key to enduring peace in the Straits. Imagine this Hierarchical Sovereignty structure for China Taiwan: 1) China Mainland retains Federal Level Sovereignty (highest-level authority), addressing its concerns about foreign proxy threats, and giving it authority to make decisions that affect the entire country. 2) Both the Mainland and Taiwan become independent states within the China Federation (for lack of a better name now). Get all the people involved in the Mainland and Taiwan and decide together what the new name for this Union will be. This symbolically starts a new chapter, and removes the misnomer of the existing names, as it doesn’t truly reflect the socio-political system and the capitalistic system in operations today. 3) Confer State Level Sovereignty to Taiwan State and Mainland State (for lack of a better term), and clearly define the limits of state sovereignty, specifically addressing the limits of power, authority, jurisdiction, conflict resolution, etc. 4) Create a Federal Level Constitution to clearly define its role in this Federated Union, and each state can create a State Level Constitution to clearly define its role as a state. 5) If there is any conflict between State Level Sovereignty and Federal Level Sovereignty, the Federal Level Sovereignty will prevail as the ultimate jurisdiction to resolve state level conflicts. In summary: This governmental structural has the hierarchical element to address China’s concerns, the autonomous elements to address Taiwan’s concerns, and allows both to retain their own socio-political structure and system, to the extent that it doesn’t conflict with Federal Sovereignty and authority. I feel it is the most realistic way to bring enduring peace in the Straits
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@dvmurphy (326)
• United States
13 Feb 09
Unfortunately my countrymen have lost their collective minds again and 21 states have declared sovereignty which could lead to another bloody civil war in this country leaving us open to attack from outside our country. I can not believe that it has come to this. I thught President Obama would be a great leader for our country. I think that alot of attitude being shown our President by our own people is because as a nation we are still not mature enough to see past his race because we still have alot of redneck idiots in this country who are afraid that a black man may be right for fixing our country in its present situation so they are attacking before he is even given a chance. Pray for us as we will surely need it for what is to come if they continue with this separation. Our President could call out our troops to bring our country back in order.