Will China follow USA "way of life"?

@andygogo (1580)
January 5, 2007 8:53am CST
China is following an ultracapitalist development route now. The advantage they still have is that in the name of their "communist" ideology, they still reserve the right to interfere with the free market mechanism, which is great because any truly free market would collapse (all banks bankrupt) in a matter of a decennium or much less. The state always needs to be ready to clean up any big mess made by the capitalist class!! Capitalism can never survive itself without profound state intervention. Nevertheless, the "China is the greatest" rethoric and optimism should be looked upon with suspicion by common people. It is utterly impossible that the average Chinese will acquire the lifestyle of the average American now. That can never happen. Where would the 25 barrels of oil per year per Chinese come from? (Now 2-3!!). That does not mean China will not surpass USA, because USA must go down. But the world is to expect a totally new social development route from China. Otherwise China is going to burn all its coal and convert it to gasoline, because to drive a car is the dream of any poor who wants to become prosperous in the traditional sense. If all chinese families drive cars, goodbye to global climate!! I suggest innovation should be towards happiness without private cars, the "Chinese way of life". PS China has 0.15 hectares productive land per inhabitant. No way to grow a rich diet ever. Too many people having too few resources.
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@oresal (1350)
• El Salvador
6 Jan 07
everyone follows the US way of life, everyone wants the american dream. do u watch american tv, or eat burgers. do u like american traditions? how often do u see an american flag in china?
• United States
6 Jan 07
Um, I don't think the USA should expect everyone to live their way of life. Hell, a lot of Americans don't even live the American way of life.
• United States
5 Jan 07
I do not think China can follow the USA "way of life", the socio-political climate is completely different in China, as it should be. I will not delve into whether either political system is right or wrong, but each country has a unique history and culture, there can be no "cookie cutter" way of life that can be applied to any country or its people.
@srenda (382)
• Brazil
5 Jan 07
Hi. I think that no, just because the chinese population have an incredible disciplines, I really think, that the world will be better, if china become the new World Power. China have an 1,3 bilion popultation, and have less social problems that a lot of another little countries, the chinese can work hard and a lot of, by a little money at end of month, because they know that each person in china, is part of a great nation, and work and done your part. So I really think that the China will not take a blind capitalism way. Congratulations andygogo, great discussion, have a nice day.