dravid or ganguly.....!

January 5, 2007 10:44am CST
whom do u think is the best captain to lead our blues. dravid has a good remarks as a captain. I think ganguly can show his performance only as a player and not as a captain. I think the performance will be reduced when a player is given a resposible place like captain. even dravid didnt show much as a captain, but when compared to Ganguly he is better. He has a good record as a captain as well as a player. dravid has a good strategy to follow and he knows whom to take for a match but he cannot decide how to place them in agood order. u can see the way he gave the bowling and batting to the players in the south africa test. i think he cant find a good order to arrange where as ganguly can control the players and he is good as a coach and can train people as far as i concerned. whom do u think will best suite as the captain of indian team
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