does anyone ...ever.... always .....anything? what about never? anything??

@Pixell (192)
United States
January 5, 2007 12:46pm CST
I hear people ask advice about what a doctor said wanting to know should they listen to the advice given. I hear people say they always do this in that situation or that in this situation. I wonder if anyone really always ...... responds to a given situation the same way every time. or always feels this way about that or that way about this. are any of us that set in life that we always say this when we are asked that or always go this way when headed that way. Always trust this person never trust that person.anything? anyone? Is there an actual everyone for anything? we are all so diffrent I can be diffrent from one day to the next. There are things I try to never do to others and things I hope to always remember to do or not to people.... but I have never always gotten it all right. what do you think? Oh there is one always for me that I can think of or every time .................. it has to do with this one song or person singing.......... i get irratated every time (so far) when I hear kids tounting other kids. what about you?
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