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January 5, 2007 1:52pm CST
I am aspiring to be a teacher and just finished with my Bachelor's degree. I've been subbing all through college and continue to now. I'm in the classroom today and the kids are so difficult!!!! Does anyone have tips on how to make an unruly class behave? Or better yet, the best way to relax after a taxing day in a difficult class room?
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22 Oct 07
I am a substitute as well. I am currently going to college to get my bachelor's degree so that I can become a teacher. When I first started out, I had no idea that a sub could write up a student. So, I had it pretty rough. I did however find an easy way to get students to behave and mind me in class. I started bringing candy (Jolly Ranchers) to school with me. And I would tell the students that if they wanted one they would behave and do their work. If they didn't behave or do their work I would write them up. It works great. The students have learned that I don't ask but three times. I shouldn't ask but once, but I give them a little leave way. If they don't listen after the third time, they get wrote up and don't get any candy from me the rest of the school year. This year I basically just write students up that don't behave. I have my own class for now and they only get candy if they make a 100 on their tests. It does work. I got the idea from a teacher at the school I work at.
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24 Jan 07
I used to substitute teach. Now I actually have my teachers certificate and Masters and I taught for a few years in the classroom. Now I stay at home with my baby. But, I know how you feel. Students definitely can give a sub a hard time. You just need to go in there and be tough and let them know right away you are the boss and you won't put up with anything. Don't be afraid to punish them. They need to see you are serious.