nokia n92 up here for grab for just 180usd

January 5, 2007 2:15pm CST
Nokia has announced the revolutionary Nokia N92 mobile phone. Read on for the latest and view the photo gallery. 3 Nov, 2005: Sure The Nokia N92 is gonna cost a lot - thats what all the best things in the world do. But you got phone, video and TV and music player and 2 cameras The N92 will feature integrated DVB-H for mobile TV - means you don't have to go through a mobile operator. If a service provide is available (and there will be) when the phone is launched in 2006, you can access 50 channels directly on the phone. Record them too. And when you are through with that, use it to play your MP3 collection. Who knows, Nokia may offer a larger storage so you can overcome the N92's 1500 songs limit too by then.
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