Imprisoned fat woman arrests 22 tourists in cave

January 5, 2007 6:22pm CST
A fat woman was imprisoned in the entrance of the "Tunnel of the Love", a cave in the Province of Handle Occidental person (Africa of the South), arresting 22 tourists for more than ten hours. The operation of rescue cost about R$ 12 a thousand and involved diverse ambulances and a helicopter. With the aid of sheaves and liquid paraffin, the woman was removed of the cave to 23h20. She had not wounded. "We believe that what enters, it needs to leave. People are entaladas all hour. It is part of the adventure ", said Hein Gerstner, administrator of the" Tunnel of the Love ". *** If you he is daqueles(as) that she opens its "Tunnel of the Love" for visitors, rereads with attention the wise words of Gerstner. It is part of the adventure. MORE :
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