To Upgrade to vista?

United States
January 5, 2007 7:56pm CST
With every new technology there are bugs and compatibility issues. I would wait for Microsoft to fix those first. Also, Vista takes 1gb memory minimum to run well without lagging. Older PC's are not worth the effort to upgrade to run Vista. Why mess up a good XP machine to run Vista when XP does just fine. If you want to go to Vista wait till the bugs are worked out and thesecurity holes that are bound to crop up. The graphics cards to use DX10 were justreleased and really expensive in another year prices will be more reasonable. Plus if you go Vista there is no uninstall option you have to reload to go back to an earlier OS.
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@johnhk (19)
• Hong Kong
6 Jan 07
Use windows vista? I will not use it if I were you. I agree with your idea davidis, Micro$oft always make windows with alot of bugs even it had alot of testing, anyone knows the idea? lol... Also, Vista has high system requirement.. Dual Core CPU, 1GB Memory, Display card at least support DX9, although it involve no a lot of money, but who will upgrade for only windows... Moreover, I have no money :(
• Australia
6 Jan 07
yes i agree totally with that statement, ive had vista RC1 on my pc for a couple of months now, i will be going back to XP within the next few days, dont get me wrong i love it, but i will wait for it to be around for a while for them to fix alot of the bugs that will pop up before i go out and buy it. overall it as a nice OS if you have the pc to run it.