kiss seens

January 6, 2007 1:18am CST
can anybody tell me that why kiss seens are not included in bollywood films
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@Serjas (2328)
• India
25 Jan 07
why you go for bollywood or hollywood kisses! try to do some live kiss.i will guide you how in my "art of french kiss" read through! By taking it slow, you will both become physically comfortable with each other. Showing her non-kissing affection like holding her hand, putting your arm around her, resting your hand on her neck or the small of her back - these are the kinds of things that can help you gauge the comfort level you've reached and if she's okay with that kind of contact, you're ready to start the kissing. Keep it slow. Start with just lips, touching lightly together. Close your eyes; don't think of anything. Concentrate on the sensations. Part your lips when it feels right. Move closer. Don't forget to use your hands. Gently rub your partner's back, neck, run your fingers through their hair, trace a finger along the collar bone. When you've done the tame stuff for a while, get your tongue involved. Dart the tip of your tongue out to touch her lower lip. You'll find that Newton's Third Law of Motion is true. Her tongue will come out to play. . If she gently bites your bottom lip, she's not going to object to a nibble. When things start heating up, let her know by voicing it. You don't have to be articulate since your lips are obviously preoccupied. Just make the kind of noise that lets her know you're captivated - a moan, a growl, even a groan gets the message across. If things progress to necking - don't suck so hard you give her a hickey! . You're not a vampire, and unless she wears a burka, everyone will know what y'all were up to. Also, if you're going to be making out for any length of time, shave before your date. If you don't, she'll be "scruffed" - my term for the red chafing around and about the mouth and chin as a result of kissing a man who thinks a day's growth of beard is sexy. The next morning she'll look like a baboon's ... Good luck, and keep posted on your results. .