Anorexic girl told she is "too fat" to model on the Catwalk...!

@Kaorin (757)
January 6, 2007 1:48am CST
This really sickened me. I was reading an atricle which was talking about an 18 year old girl who aspires to become a model. She is naturally tall and thin, and was always told she was too fat to get into modelling. To lose weight, she followed a strict diet and exercise regime, and over time developed Anorexia Nervosa. She is currently 180cms (We don't really use feet in Australia... I'm guessing thats about 5'7 or 8) and weighs in at just 110 pounds. Her frame is sickeningly thin, with bones jutting out everywhere. There is absolutely nothing of her. However, recently she was told by a modelling company that she was 'way too fat' to model on the catwalk, and would have to lose another 5kgs (12.5 pounds) before they would even consider her! No wonder young women and men these days have such stilted ideals of beauty! If a woman must be so thin that even her anorexia-ridden body is too fat to be considered beautiful, how can any other girl stand a chance!? What are your thoughts on this horrible news story?
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12 Jan 07
Sounds like either someone had their data matched up to the wrong person or something. Well, I have my own idea of a woman's beauty, & having the proportions of a telephone pole is not it.