murder murder

January 6, 2007 3:06am CST
bang! a bullet fired and ali collapsed and a the glass door we were heading to shattered into pieces. baffuled, scared i looked behing a a man with a big built, beard and long hair but standing behind me and ali's lifeless body at a distance of 3 feet. the bullet had ripped through ali's forehead, smearing blood and my shoulder and face and shattered the glass door ahead! the man pointed the gun at me and walked towards me, he asked me what a hindu boy like me was doing with a muslim? i replied he was my friend and friendshi[ was beyond the bars of religion. he told me to run home and shot a bullet in the ground. terrified a ran without lokking behind and in my mind there was only 1 thing if am i to die i want be be shot in the head or my chest because i wanted to see death coming and snatching life from me. i had seen so many riots and people dying that death i never feared. i reached home and thought the politics in our so called 'secular' country are so biased that such a murder is said to be for religion and it wasn't a crime. no relgion says go kill people of other religion on the contarary it says people in peace, respect others feelings and beliefs' then why are people being killed and why was my best friend taken from me in the name of religion! i feel a void within as we today as people are killing each other aand blaming religion which supposed to be in the name of god and peace not in blood, violence and death!
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