January 6, 2007 5:11am CST
How many times do you watching Hannibal? I watch 11times and I like this Movie !!!
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• Denmark
9 Jul 07
I have seen the movie 5 times but i still prefer the book. Movie is missing some parts from the book so the fist time i saw it i only thought about the gaps in the story.
@manelann (55)
8 Jul 07
i liked hannibal rather than silence of the lambs... although in silence of the lambs, it is where it all started. but in hannibal, this is where hannibal's killings are more vicious than in silence of the lambs... I liked the part when he was cooking the brains of this one guy and the guy was still awake! he even ate his own brains!!! eeewwww!!!!! it's outrageous, and brutal as well... but the story is good! love it!
@eriktuz (32)
• Philippines
9 Jan 07
yes, i prefer silence of the lambs and red dragon(which was the first part of the movie).
• Philippines
6 Jan 07
Hannibal is a good movie but I prefer the first installation of the Hannibal series which is the Silence of the Lambs I guess this is more classic than the other ones. It's sad though that Jodie Foster did not star on the second movie on Hannibal.