rumors please clear this up for me

@glasser3 (354)
Hibbing, Minnesota
January 6, 2007 6:24am CST
okay so i dont know if its true or not and please dont shoot me if its not but i heard rumor that korns drummer is taking a break from the band ... is this true someone please let me know because its starting to seem like korn is falling apart which i really hope they arent i love there music and hope to see many more albums from them .
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@kornordie (119)
• Romania
6 Jan 07
no man...korn is not falling apart...but I heared some rumor that they might release they're last album in september this year...but I don't think so...there are a lotta things people say...and if david is takin a break...well it's not the first time he does it...they had replacement drummers in concerts a lotta times...
@glasser3 (354)
• Hibbing, Minnesota
6 Jan 07
i really hope that its not there last album i really like korns music as i said and i think it would change the music scene so much for korn to no longer be out there writing music and what not. I just really hope korn doesnt fall apart or anything.