think of civil servant examination

@andygogo (1580)
January 6, 2007 6:58am CST
Nowadays ,more and more people begin to care about the issue of civil servant of examination , there is common belief that an increasing number of people favor to the style of working ,social status , high salary ,even power . It is reported that 530 thousand people compete to about (for)12000 position(s) of civil servant in this year . It is truth(true) phnomenon for this competitive society (which) make(s) some students like(to) choose some stable position(s) ,and ,on other hand, maybe some privite corporations standard of working make some students feel tired or imbelance of investment and return . This makes me think of the phonomenon(which) is some people lack of ability of business in this market economy ,or the company lack of harmony facters to some employees. So some people who (are) crazy join to the examnation of civil servent are failure to the business things or carve out ,and lack of really ability in this environment and lose their confidence , get away from the full of the market economic society or have someting else ,only do some research can be understand . So the big problem is a part from education and other from students themself , the clear message is that the same issue with undergraduates will become serious in the postgraduates in future. In my opinion , for government need more talant people to administrate our country ,through the examination is not wrong mechanism . For student and more young people should know more than 50:1 the situation is so high .Above all ,the notion of seek to the stable maybe need change ,at least yourself living of stable through your hardworking and courage in every industry; because only dependent on a examination is so high cost . I do not think so the traditional culture and enviroment of china not suitable for our student and young people creation in their vacation ,take a risk . Objectively speaking ,our parents and our school should encourage to our student and believe them , please ! do not often talking about what like the undergraduates is nothing , the serious compition ,dependent on relationship , suggest to school , government , even so describe to private company is not good choose , so not stable . Country policy should be taken which more funds to support our young student .i also believe that our young people are vividly of creation spirit in every industry. thank you for everyone to give me some advices ,
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