Having Children- Is It A Selfish Act?

United States
January 6, 2007 11:28am CST
Ok, I have been going through some difficult times with my mother being sick and all. I don't have children yet but the other day I thought, "Man, why have kids, if they're gonna just live to die and between that probably see me die and be depressed like I'm feeling now."So I though, what are the reasons people have children? I asked around and analyzed each response, they all seem selfish to me: -"To have someone to work and support me" (especially popular in the old days, hence 12 kids on farms, etc) - "To keep me company" (selfish) -"To show them this beautiful world" (one can argue this) -"To have someone to love me/look up to me" (hmmm) -"Tax deduction" (self-explanatory) Then, I thought of all the great giving powerful people in this world (you can add examples if you'd like) and wondered if any of them have children...(gandhi-did he?, mother teresa- did she? oprah (ok not on same level, I know)- she doesn't... So what do you think, children=selfish act?
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