Intresting shortenings

@lepunk (230)
January 6, 2007 12:13pm CST
Just browsed the wikipedia and found some intresting shortenings used on the web! Here are some of my favorites:ASL - Age/ s*x/ location (used on chats I guess) BOFH - B*stard operator from hell BSOD - Blue Screen of Death (thx microsoft) IANAL - I am not a lawyer(???) IWSN - I want s*x now NE1 - "Anyone"PMSL - Pissing myself laughing RTFM - Read the f*cking manual RTFS - Read the f*cking source RTFB - Read the f*cking binary (or book) full list: do you know any good one?
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• India
6 Jan 07
@mrioca (137)
• Romania
6 Jan 07
Helvete: (myself) Any char, prefers hammerdin (or enchantress in one specific case) TaytoTheFirst: Any character (auradin?) Rabbitz: Poison/summon necro jake007: Strafe zon PeeZed: (summon necro) or Frenzy Barb Blank: Any char, prefers druids (fury wolf) conor rocks: Smite/Zealer or any sorc Nirlem: Any sorc culum: frenzy mace barb (with a shield on switch) elmek: Blizz sorc sigge parling: Any character Tchaparian: Any melee paladin Jupiter Cyclops: necro? assassin? (not sure) graal: necro, orbsorc, lightsorc, zealot, or hammerdin Veilside: Light sorc/avenger Leetserv: meteorb sorc oneBlast: Light sorc stoutewolf: Support pala (whatever that is... old cleric build?) DarkVeritas: Any char (except druids) PhuQ: Light sorc RubenusPontius: Any male char (!) Gunityayo: haven't stated pref. yet MagicBox: Anything! Mxpein: Zeal/smiter or cold/fire sorc TheBlackShadow: ??? Colony: ??? Dasbomba: ???