how many times a day do you talk on your cell phone??

@lpetges (3036)
United States
January 6, 2007 1:27pm CST
it amazes me how many people i see talking on their phones. Its like attached to them or something.
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@Enticer (100)
• India
10 Jan 07
I spend a significant part of my 24-hours Day over my cellphone in conversation with my friends and my LOVE.
• United States
6 Jan 07
I must agree. My cell phone is attached to me. I use it all the time. Since all my family, friends and boyfriend live over 3 hours away from me, I use my cell phone. I use it because I have unlimited minutes for a flat fee per month.
@OhMyDayz (157)
6 Jan 07
I always lose count! My mobile is a possession of mine because I use it so much! Once I hang up on someone I either call someone else or I got someone calling or texting me. A young person's best accessory I'd say but it is wierd when I actually look at how many times I'm on it!
@zack_3004 (1207)
• Malaysia
6 Jan 07
i talking about 10 times a day with my cellular phone. i prefer to talking with fixed line phone.
@beyonce03 (2331)
• Canada
6 Jan 07
I talk to my cellphone most of the time less then 1 times a day. Only my boyfriend have my number and we only use it to reach each other when we are not together. Even when I,m working he calle me directly to my job. So my cellphone only corst me 10$ every month :P
• Latvia
6 Jan 07
3-10 times (scared)