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@3Dlace (339)
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January 6, 2007 2:00pm CST
Can anyone explain this dream I had a few nights ago? I was at my grandparents house (they are dead and gone now) and my daughter and my boyfriend were chasing sunsets outside while I was inside with my mother. My mother was mad at me for not doing chores and she was angry that I would let my daughter be alone with my boyfriend. She kept screaming and arguing at me as she got into bed. I could see out the window that my daughter and my boyfriend were laughing and having a great time. I felt sad because I was wanting to spend time with them and chase the pink and violet sunset with them. I grabbed my bag, looked into a pill jar and there were two pills. One was a pill that would put e to sleep and the other was a hallucinagen called Exodus. I took the Exodus pill and went into the other room. The pill kicked in and I started to weep. I felt so sad. When I went outside to join my daughter and my boyfriend the sunset was gone and my daughter fell asleep. When I awoke from this trippy dream I was sobbing. During the daytime I was seeing things, like I was hallucinating. Can anyone tell me what this dream was about?
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@polachicago (19073)
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6 Jan 07
You need to spend more time with your family before is not to late. Do not worry about your daily chores. Have fun with your daughter, time flyes, we do not live forever.
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@3Dlace (339)
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7 Jan 07
I agree with you. There is so little time in the day between doing house work and work in my studies that a majority of my daughters time isn't spent with me lately. It is spent with relatives and in front of the TV watching movies. Poor thing, she sees lass and less of me.