What are the Benefits for Friendship??

@slimes (354)
January 6, 2007 6:35pm CST
If you are polite and courteous,you will enjoy the friendship of many people.Even common exchanging greetings with friends makes one happy.Well when you make friends,don't be too quick to trust them;make sure that they have proved themselves.Some people will be your friends only when it is convenient for them,but they won't stand by you in time of trouble.Others will fall out with you over some argument,and then embrass you by letting everyone konw about it.While others will sit with you at your table as long as things are going on well;sticking to you like a shadow and givig orders with you but in time of trouble you shall see them no more!! I can only advise you to stay away from your enemies and be on guard against your friends!!
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