Revenge! Do you believe in getting even?

United States
January 6, 2007 6:44pm CST
A few years ago i my ex g/f and i were living together, i found out she was cheating and we broke off the relationship, days before she moved out i gave her several hundred dollars to pay the bills, well i should have known better since weeks later all the late notices started coming in...and nothing was paid. I am still very close friends with her younger sister and today she told me her sister is hiding 2 cars from repossession, and she works in various stores doing marketing and doesnt show up but says she does so she can spend time with her boyfriend that she is now cheating on her husband with...I could so get even for the wrong she did to me and im the type of person that if you take advantage i'll get you back one way or another. Armed with all this info i could really do some damage to her for what she's done to me... I know being the bigger person and not stooping to that level is the right thing to do, but im still pissed after all this time. what would you do? would you teach her a lesson? or let it go?
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11 Jan 07
I would feel the sam way. But from experience, what goes around comes around. Just sit back and watch the show. She sounds like she is destructive to herself. It will all catch up to her. I don't know if keeping in contact with the little sister will help you either. You might need to consider cutting ties unless you like hearing how much she is messing up. The juicier the news, the more you want to retaliate. Think about it. Sure you'd feel better but is she worth it?
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12 Jan 07
I appreciate your comments and your right...
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14 Jan 07
I'd sit back and wait for her to get caught again w/ her behavior,which seems to have not changed over will come back on her down the road.
@vijay12 (1643)
• India
14 Jan 07
The very fact that you have kept yourself under check,so long, and are asking others' opinion,shows that you WILL NOT take revenge.Thats your basic mentality,I suppose. And I wish and request you not to.
@BDnLacy (324)
• United States
13 Jan 07
I would be angered. But I keep thinking something my parents told me and I tell my children. What goes around comes around. You would be the better person to just let it go, but does it make you feel better? No it wont, but what will is when, you look back on life and think to yourself. "I could have destroyed her as she tried to do to me.. but instead I acted like an adult an moved on." Or another way to think about is this.. Will what she did matter in 20 yrs?