Helping the disabled

United States
January 7, 2007 1:01am CST
How many times have you gone in a door and just walked past a disable person in an electic wheel chair struggling to open a door? My husband and I are both disabled and have problems with our arms also, that is why we use electic wheelchairs. I can't tell you how many ppl just open the other doors and leave us stuggling It really makes me mad when this happens. I didn't ask to be in the health situation that I am in. What is wrong with ppl anymore? So it takes a few seconds longer to get in or out of a building for you. Yes it would be nice if every door had handicap acceability but they don't. Most places we can't even go into because they have the isles way to narrow or there is a step or 2 to get into the store. So next time you are going into a store and you see someone in a wheelchair struggling take that extra second and help them. You never know if someday that might be you that needs the help. I never expected to be the disabled person that I am. Have a great day and be kind to someone less fortunate than you, you might need the help in return. Carolyn
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
7 Jan 07
I have asked a couple of times if I could help them in any way but they have always declined, I know one friend who offered help to one only to be snapped at as to say I don't need I guess one can only offer.
• United States
12 Jun 07
There are plenty of us that would gladly accept a kind offer of assistance. Please continue to offer to help. If they don't accept, fine, move on. Occasionally there are people who are just angry at the world and think an offer of assistance is pity. My mom always says kill em with kindness. So please be kind to us all. I for one will and do appreciate it it when someone helps me. It shows me ppl do still care in this country. At least some ppl. I don't have a problem asking some stranger for help if I need it, but what happened to common courtesy? Why should I have to ask for help from that person watching me struggle to open the door in my chair?