Spiritual Growth?

United States
January 7, 2007 1:25am CST
I have been in a lot of religious converstations lately and I have come to some interesting conclusions..as far as spiritual growth..The majority of driving forces in our life are not doing anything for our soul..for instance..I love music listen and die by it..this is pleasing to my ear..part of my flesh..I have a fridge full of food..this is filling the void in my stomach ...my flesh..I have a soft bed that rest my flesh..I listen to music 24 7 this is pleasing to my ear..my flesh..I smoke an occasional black and mild..this is pleasing to the flesh..with me so far? I watch various shows on tv..Csi, Nip Tuck, Dog, Cops these are appealing to my eye ..my flesh, and mind..u see where I'm going with this..now when we bombard our flesh and minds with these images we get thoughts and urges..these are sometimes acted upon or left to play out fantasies in our minds..Now..I could go deeper into that, but I believe you got the just of it..so now..Outta all the hamburgers, milk, tv, music I've played and listened to ..how many have added to my spiritual growth? Thinking about it few if any..our body and mind acts as a filter to the soul..so if the majority of our wishes and desires are to please our bodies and minds what does it do for our soul? The soul is neglected if it is nurished at all..I have a bible..u know where it's at? In my room on the dresser..How many times have I picked it up? (not many) now just reading a bible..doesn't always build up your spiritual growth..because the messages I try to receive have to pass thru my flesh and mind and if they are clogged with all of the worldly illusions I believe in and follow daily..how can I recieve the full message? If I were to strip my house and only leave things in here that nourished my soul..I wouldn't have anything in here but the bible..and u know it's not just me;) Going to church everyday doesn't mean one thing..because you can have a relationship with God anywhere..so it's not a question of faith..This is simply stating that we eat things to strengthin our bodys and read books to learn more knowledge about how to be succesful in the world..but more than likely the soul we have when we are born ..is still in a child-like form..at least for me ..I'll say..that with me my soul is probably 15yrs old when it should be 27..u feel me..there are so many different elements I want to bring up..but I don't wanna lose u..U hear of people fasting..depriving their bodies and minds of these things that do not nurish the soul(other than water)..and a lot of them say that when they do this their spiritual senses are much stronger than they would be had they not in a sense killed the flesh to restore some sense of cleanliness to be able to receive spiritual nourishment..There is really no end to this discussion because I would be typing for ever..so I ask. Why do we deprive our souls of food? Why do we not lift spiritual weights in a sense? etc..We know why, but for how long are we gonna do it?
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
27 Jan 07
Please the Flesh is alright if it is done in a healthy balance. Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit.. All needs to be healthily balanced. Maybe not everyone lifts spiritual weights.. But many people do... by living as an example, doing their best, praying, meditation, etc... Many do not do it because they have not found the way to feed their own soul in a way that works for them. - DNatureofDTrain