An average man better has skills(brain) than beauty...?

@ilunice (947)
January 7, 2007 1:33am CST
This question came to my mind while making response to a discussion a while ago. What is the point of attraction for women in men? Is it the purse, the skills (brain) or the look? I remember in college days, ladies always go after brilliant guys or those in sports and not necessarily those that are handsome. Do you all agree that men should rather have skills(brain) than beauty (handsome)? The reason being that an average woman thinks more than she sees.
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@sj_chaudhry (1537)
• Canada
10 Jan 07
i always like good menly voice in men. And yes me too prefer men's skills rather then his appearence.
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@Sailor (1161)
• United States
7 Jan 07
It is much better for one to concentrate on who they are because they will be a much happier person than trying to be something their not. Just imagine how much prices would drop if everyone stopped trying to impress others. People are attracted to many different things and if one just stops worrying about everyone else and does his/her own thing the right one for them will come.
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@bhu143 (525)
• India
12 Jan 07
i think so girls like first like heart next brain next only beauty
• United States
10 Jan 07
It really veries from each seperate woman my dear..i myself go with my instinct..if i get bad vibes,or if he seems too arrogant,or rude,,or have no manners hes outta there,,but my first instinct is the eyes,,you really can look into how a person is by his eyes,,and he has to make me laugh..and love to laugh himself..This is actually the most important thing to me..i dont care how much money he long as he can support himself,,who cares,and looks..really doesnt matter to me..but if they have no self esteem thats ugly to me..and i move on..and his brain..its great to have someone that makes a great conversation../but i hate the brainiacs that think they know everything and have to use big words all the time.and everything has to be studied,and blah blah..ewwwieee..they just annoy me..thats what this woman wants lol..