What do you like about prison break?

January 7, 2007 1:38am CST
hey what do u like about the tv series prison break? i like it because of the interesting storyline that just makes me want to wait for the mext episode. the thrill and the many questions about the characters' futures pushes me to watch the show.
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• Malaysia
17 Jan 07
I like it because the story is so different, it's really unique...prison break rocks!!!!!!!
@Stijn1234 (266)
• Belgium
16 Jan 07
The mystery makes it very interesting, you always want to see the next episode, it's so hard to wait for it :-p
@darkblade (124)
• Philippines
16 Jan 07
Well for the first season i think it was very realistic in the way they portrayed it, I mean the prison scenes and their escape plan and all, but during the second season it seems a little too surreal for me, I'm like, "nah, that couldn't have happened, the cops must be really stupid or something"..but well, it's still fun to watch, the cut scenes for the next episode leave you wanting to know what happens next.
@xair88 (80)
• Pakistan
13 Jan 07
well the best thing is tht despite having a bery unrealistic story, the show is so realistic. I mean the things that happen in the show can happen in real life, and thats the best part bout the show
10 Jan 07
For me it has to be the fact taht you know that Lincoln is innocent and Michael has planned so well to get Lincoln out of Prison. Do they make it and if so how, there are so many twists and turns along the way. The choice of villains and what they will do to stop them. It is all very interesting and they have managed to keep season 2 as interesting. Love the show!!!
• India
8 Jan 07
the interesting storyline and the twist and turns that are a part of it make it a great show. Also the acting of the lead starcast is great.