God doesn't make mistakes! (regarding EVERYONE able or disable)

United States
January 7, 2007 2:03am CST
Alright..Yall probably like..here he goes off the deep end..no I'm not..and If I am ..I've got one of those orange life jackets and a 100 ft yacht with a speed boat attacted to the back as a reserve and all the fuel in the world..Now..God doesn't make mistakes! Do I have to say it again..as u all know I work with the mentallly challeged..There is nothing wrong with Johnny, Sarah, Becky, Tyrone, Bruce, Ping, or Aleshia..float with me for a sec..Out of all the people you've known. Have u seen them for 365 dys a yr 24 7 ..NO..There are times when they are not present..so how do u know they even exisit? U cant' c wind, but u see the tree blow..let that marinate for a sec.. I'ma even bring it down to a child's level for those that missed the last one..(no offense) U can't c the blood flowing thru ur body, but u know it's there! NOw..this is where some of us might part ways..If u believe u have a soul..Stand Up! not literally but u know..what I'm saying- now talking to the people still on this yacht..When people die they are still alive in are memories as well as the living! Because you remember the soul of that person their essence..that's what u love and find interesting about them..Nothing physical..Sam smiled at u and made ur heart melt..Bruce smiled too, but it didn't have the same effect..so it couldn't have been the smile..Feel Me..So whether or not we c them they are with us in our thoughts and minds living or not..right? Now..as for my original statement..now that ur warmed up:) When we are born we have a soul..U believe that ..then read on..who gave u that soul? Now the body is just the physical form we have to encase our souls in while we are here..Still with me? So If I go out there and lose a leg in a car accident..my flesh is gone, but my soul remains! So if you or a loved one is born without arms ...isn't able to communicate with voice and terms we understand..They still have a soul...the soul isn't missing a leg..the soul..doesn't have a obsessive compulsive disorder..their soul is the same as ours..we are all in this boat(I woulda used another word, but u know how the censors work)together..One and the same..now I could take probably every line I just said and elaborate on everyone..but each is entitled to it's own discussion in time..So Love your child, ur mom, your uncle, best friend..with no reserve, because that body could be yours or might be..or someone not even hear yet could come into your life and become that memorable person that has a positive impact on you! And remember the flesh is just something in which our soul resides..so what does that mean..take care of it;)
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