inborn artist?

January 7, 2007 4:21am CST
I know some people who have the talent in drawing without having much trouble, those who were born with paintbrushes and pencils with their hands, that when you see thier works,it makes you awed in both appreciation and envy.And i am one of those people who try hard and take extra hours just to produce a likely work of art. Does the natural artists really have more chances of becoming successful, than those who have more dedication, urge to be as talented as them?hmm..i guess i just have to know for myself.
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• Indonesia
11 Jan 07
Umh.. I don;t have talent eather. But I like to draw a lot So I keep practice. I know my art ill not be greater than tem who have talent if they also practice as hard as I did. BUt at least I already try my best. never stop to try. ^^ ganbatte yo
• Philippines
11 Jan 07
hey!wer'e alike!haha..i think you really have more talent than you think u do(id like to think that for myself also!) its never a bad thing to not to stop trying,never give up as long as you like what you're doing.goodluck to us!
@prestocaro (1254)
• United States
23 Apr 07
I guess it depends on what you define "success" as. If you mean, a lasting effect, than I would say that people who work hard often leave a lasting effect on a field. People who are "naturally good" at something usually become lazy in that field. It is like when you are good at a particular subject, you tend to not try as hard, because why try when you are already pretty good. At least I know this to be true for myself. I am good at english and history and when in school I would study these last, with very little time, because I knew I could get away with it. I am bad at math so I would spend lots of time studying that, making sure I knew what I was doing. If you define success by merely moving people with your art, creating an effect, whatever that effect may be, then I would say you both have a shot. I like your avatar :)
@abhax123 (1697)
• India
12 Jan 07
Inborn qualities Does help it really help but if you try a bit harder you will incorporate all the qualities... i draw quite well, but i see people who draw better then me so i just try a bit harder to make my drawing better... but be dedicated thats the TRICK...
@Wanderlaugh (1624)
• Australia
11 Jan 07
One thing I can tell you is that someone trying to be an artist is a lot more appreciated by artists than someone talking about art. "Successful" art is really what you like after you've done it. If you've got the guts to try, you've probably got the talent, but it has to learn, too. Dedication can only come from one place. Never mind other people. They're irrelevant when you're glued to a painting or a sketch. They're not sitting there cursing every wrong move, mucked up mix, and paint splash with you. There are some people who can make anything look good, and easy. But- have a look at the content. Art is about people, not really greeting card designs. The greatest artists who've ever lived all went through the ordeal of becoming the artists they were.
• Philippines
9 Jan 07
i think it's all about your dedication and passion for what you do that sets you ahead of others. talent is just an ability that everyone has and its up to us whether we exploit it or not.