how long u sleep every day?

January 7, 2007 5:22am CST
i sleep 6 hrs a day. who long do u sleep?
8 responses
@yomoho (361)
• Sweden
7 Jan 07
I sleep 8-9 hours.
@myrith (1830)
• Canada
6 Feb 07
I sleep 6-7 hours per night, anymore than that,then I awake with a headache, annoying!
• Indonesia
8 Dec 10
in workdays, i usually sleep about 3~5 hours a day. i have another things to do after i finish my job and come home. so i just can have a short time to sleep. well i think its still okay for me though. and when it comes to weekends or holiday i usually extends my sleep time so i have about 6~7 hours a day
@sidddd (861)
• India
8 Feb 07
well i am a college student and i don't have to do any work at all,so i browse and do mylotting but i even read a bit,so totally i sleep 10+ a day.
@kritipen (4083)
• United States
6 Feb 07
I sleep for 6 hours.
• Pakistan
7 Jan 07
I sleep 12 hours daily
@coolcat123 (4392)
• India
7 Jan 07
I want to sleep 6 hrs but can't as I always wake up too late which don't want to.I want to save my time and for that i have to sleep less.
@kingatul (851)
• India
7 Jan 07
I sleep for 8 hours in a day including both daytime and night time. It dosen't have a higher limit and what I've mentioned is the minimum.
• Philippines
7 Jan 07
I read at some article that as you grow old, hours of sleeping lessens.. I was just wondering because I'm only 26 and I sleep 4-5 hours only. I just hope that when I turn 50, i still sleep long hours..