Didnt you wish you could just be your self.

United States
January 7, 2007 5:25am CST
Remember the times when you were just a little kid and it didnt matter is you had on a blue cap with orange sneakers and you automatically were drawn to your interest and you didnt judge anyone. It didnt make a difference if your schoolmate was black or asian or white. You would all play in the sandbox but today and especially as you get older it seems to matter what someone else thinks. i like my hair like this but Mrs. Sally said no one wears that style no more. I would like to go ice skating but Mrs. Jones says honey you're too old to be doing such a thing. I want to just sit under a tree and enjoy the sunset and someone says hey are you alright did you just fall i noticed you were lying beneath the tree. Sometimes you just want to be you and not be judged on someone's expectation of whats cool whats hot and whats not.
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