CAUTION: Do u use mobile too much???

@jaizdeep (397)
January 7, 2007 6:57am CST
Friends i talk on mobile 2hrs/day i was just upto a little research on mobiles and i was shocked to see so many harmful efects caused by the use of cell phones..... I wud rilly like to caution u about some of the real dangers i've read about Mobile phones tumour risk to young children: CHILDREN under the age of eight should not use mobile phones, parents were advised last night after an authoritative report linked heavy use to ear and brain tumours and concluded that the risks had been underestimated by most scientists. Professor Sir William Stewart, chairman of the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB), said that evidence of potentially harmful effects had become more persuasive over the past five years. The news prompted calls for phones to carry health warnings and panic in parts of the industry. One British manufacturer immediately suspended a model aimed at four to eight-year-olds. The number of mobiles in Britain has doubled to 50 million since the first government-sponsored report in 2000. The number of children aged between five and nine using mobiles has increased fivefold in the same period. Source:,,2-1436543,00.html Also New large study confirms greatly increased brain cancer risk. Over 900 cancer patients from the years 1997-2003 have been compared with a control group of over 2000 persons. The conclusion is that those who have used a mobile or a cordless phone for more than one hour a day during ten years ran twice the risk of the control group to have gliomas, the most malignant form of brain tumor. source: There are other links i will surely like u to read about Guys if u have any more information please share here also mention the hours of usage u have
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@w32worm (287)
• India
30 Jan 07
thx for the info but does it affect the users above age 18. thx. Good day!
@kotad6 (209)
• Pakistan
13 Jan 07
I use mobile phone everyday and feel good of it, but i know use it too much is doing harmful to health. I use it 1 hours a day for chating,other time i put it into my pocket, is it serious? Mary
• Philippines
13 Jan 07
for texting probably, id still choose telephones convenience over mobile
@flikkenni (537)
• Indonesia
12 Jan 07
I am using my cellphones almost every time. I need my cellphones to communicate with my friends and other people while i am not home. i have know that cellphones have many disadvantage for us. It radiation from the phone signal can damaged our brain and can make us harm. I have seen that radiation from cellphones can make people get cancer or other dangerous disease. I just hope that there will be changes by using cellphones that low radiation so everyone can use cellphones safely. Because cellphones is needed by every people in this world, so i hope there is any improvement from technology to lower cell phones radiations. Actually thanks for your informations and share with us...
@hamza123 (984)
• Pakistan
12 Jan 07
yes now i have really come to know that a lot of problems and diseases are being produced by the usage of mobile phones so i have deceased their use now..
• India
12 Jan 07
i do not have one
• Germany
7 Jan 07
Now I use mobile a lot. Previously I did not use mobile that too much. Now being in another country I keep contact with my friends and therefore use it a lot.