Good,bad and strange things happenrd around the world in 2006.--10

New year - New year
January 7, 2007 7:52am CST
Animal parts, missile top traffic woes Spilled animal parts and a Tomahawk missile that tumbled out of a truck caused some of the worst traffic nightmares of 2006, according to a report on roadway incidents. A. meatpacking truck carrying cow body parts was involved in an accident near San Francisco, spilling its cargo across a freeway and causing massive headaches for commuters, said the compilation by Metro Networks traffic: reporting firm. A truck in Houston involved in an accident tumbled off a ramp, breaking open and spilling frozen chickens onto a freeway below. New York had one of the most bizarre incidents of the year. A truck overturned in the Bronx in July, sending a Tomahawk missile it was carrying onto the roadway. The weapon did not have a warhead and all ended safely, with no injuries reported
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