do u hate to wake up early??

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January 7, 2007 11:14am CST
temme wat!
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@anilbee (33)
• India
25 Jan 07
like it very good to go 2 bed early n wake up early it shall maintain the freshness in you n u shall observe that you have a lot of time in your hands to do the things u like the most well 2 be frank in winters i wake up n its natural at about 6 in the morning but then after excercise n regular stuff if there is nothing in hand to do i usually go in the bed again to be up at say 8.30-9 but i the summers i am up at 5 and have done a lot by the time it is 2 go to office by 9
• India
24 Jan 07
In summer season i don't hate to wake up early but in the winter season i hate to wakw up early.
@swasti (1157)
• India
7 Jan 07
yeah iam a late i hate to get up early.that too at 6:00 in the morning is the worst time i feel to get up.i can hardly open my eyes that time. I wil have wonderful dreams and njoy every moment of it .
@cristi20 (2139)
• Romania
7 Jan 07
oh yes i hate doin' that...i usually ask for 10minutes after i've been woken up..great day for you buddy!
@uvacerba (427)
• Italy
7 Jan 07
hatred to raise to me soon even if I have slept 8 hours, and every time that I feel the hour to raise to me is a torture is not raised if I do not find the warm coffee on the bedside table, otherwise is raised, I make it and I recover to bed: - D I leave that you play always some hour before, just in order to resume to me hello