eminem, more than a rapper

@bmjut247 (171)
January 7, 2007 12:22pm CST
for any fan to love eminem and his work, this is for you. i started to listen to eminem when i was 15 years old (around 2001). the first album i bought was the Marshall Mathers LP. i was so moved by his music that i devoted some time to jot down the lyrics or find them from song magazines. i loved em's songs simply because they depict me and some part of my life along with it. it may be that i'm exaggerating but, as i believe, eminem is a good philosopher in his own right (a realist). he has created music not to simply entertain but to expose reality - the reality of real life. he also touched peoples' lives in such a way that he boosts one's morale such as mine (when i had my tough calls way back). he inspired me to intellectually grow and rationalize events as they happen and understand what kind of milleu we really are in. when he laid back to avoid issues and to protect his daughter, i was glad for him. i think that's manly of him. i would have had done the same if i had a kid. reality they live in is too harsh to for haillie to have a glimpse on, i believe. well, i'm saying this stuff because they are relative to me, my experience an wisdom. i really don't expect others to understand me, but i just wanted to voice out my opinion.
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11 Jan 07
I definatly admire the man. I also think he's one of the hottest men ever. But that's beside the point. Ihad a terrible child hood and can relate to a lot of the things he raps about. I really don't like rap but I love Eminem, listen to him all the time. I respect him for being honest. Who is now days?
@malcom2 (25)
• Saudi Arabia
8 Jan 07
I didnt even know that THere was rap music until i heared this guys Lose Yourself....Awesome Songs !!!
@fliffy555 (1045)
7 Jan 07
i like his songs but i think the whole 'don't wanna do this because of my daughter' may have been a sympathy act... at the end of the day... HE brought hailie into it all by writing songs about her and kim... if he didnt want them involved then he shoudnt have written songs about them... like i said though i do like his songs... they are very easy to understand and relate to
@lauriefnp (5112)
• United States
7 Jan 07
Actually, I do understand what you are saying. I love Eminem's music, which is unusual for someone my age. I don't necessarily enjoy the vulgarity of some of his lyrics, but you're right about there being a deep meaning behind a lot of them. If you can get past the language and really listen to what he is saying, there is a life lesson in his songs. Unfortunately, the things that he raps about do exist. I have been blessed with a very "normal" family and childhood, and my life has also been "normal", and I thank God every day for that. Before judging Eminem, people should take a look at the lyrics of some of his songs. The only thing that bothers me is that Eminem has now gotten to a point where I think that he is losing the philosophical tone in his lyrics, and he is really trying to "outdo" the other rappers by trying to "shock" his audience. He should get back to being real.