My favorite dog "breed" is a mut!

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January 7, 2007 1:25pm CST
We raised all sorts of dogs: Basset Hounds; Bench Legged Beagles; Chihuahuas.Dog training was essential; but the easiest dog I ever trained was a mixed breed named Thor. He was a Canine American; not a dog! He talked to you; I'm serious folks. He was my closes companion. My families protector.My best friend. Thor weighed in at 125lbs. at his prime.He was all black with a white shape on his chest that looked like an eagle; which he loved to have scratched.All 125lbs. loved kids and kittens equally. I have a lot of stories I could tell about my Thor.He lived to be 14 years old before cancer took him.I lost him just recently so it still hurts. It is like loosing a family member.
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21 Jan 07
right now, i have a little rhodesian ridgeback/lab puppy. adorable little sh!t. vicious too. doesn't back down from anything. he has spent all night playing witha dog 5 times his size, and held his ground!! it's nuts!! gotta give him credit. he has guts
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21 Jan 07
OK you got me there! What is a Rhodesian ridge back? My Thor was:Black chow/ pit bull/Shepperd/rotweiler/lab mix! He was the sweatest guy in the world and so very intelligent. He knew what people where like before I did. He would get between me and someone he did not trust. He would keep them occupied by making them pet him. He would follow them where ever they went. It was really funny because they thought he really liked them!I could go on forever...
@lakheysub (847)
• India
7 Jan 07
feel sorry for ur dog. even my dog is like a family member.