what do you mean by "goth"?

January 7, 2007 2:39pm CST
this is probably the hardest question a goth can answer! it is equivalent to asking "what is a society?"yes the meaning of goth, is as vast as the word society, goth is a group of people or an individual who would like to describe this subculture on his own! for instance, a goth would like attention or to be more precise to get people shocked to see what he/she is or is becoming a goth would like dark things, darker side of life, and gradually become a little pessimistic these are just general ideas or perceptions a study carried out by a few scientist and philosophers dealing with such question says - " its all up to an individual to define what they mean by goth . Its originally a sub-culture. The mentality of the individual is to be left alone yet to be noticed, to see the shock on others face and to make them face a harsh reality ." This is a well debated topic! goths do not like to be questioned about there style of life, but yet they are! so everyone curious may reply or comment.
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• Canada
30 Apr 07
Goth means whatever people need it to mean. For each person goth is something diffrent... for the people that embrace it Goth can be their safty blanket to which they have a place to fit and be comfortable... to others Goth can be their worst nightmare something they fear their child getting into or fear being around.
• India
7 Jan 07
i think this word represents a group of ppl who wants themselves 2 b closer 2 darkness........these ppl just wants their darker side 2 b revealed 2 world......(well everybody has a dark side)