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January 7, 2007 5:54pm CST
I have a friend who just recently began to have seizures at the age of 26. They have caused her to, in my opinion, return to a baby state. It is very frightening to see. There is no apparent reason for them. The doctors say it maybe stress related. Has anyone any advice or knows or someone in a similar position who returend to "normal"?
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24 Feb 07
i started taking seizures at the age of 14 and i had complex partial ones. i would lose consciousness, fit, mumble, feel it coming on and sometimes could have many in a week or not one for weeks. mine went undiagnosed. they done all sorts of scans and nothing came up. i got my blood tested for everything and it was just one of these things. i can only imagine how scary it must be to see a seizure happening but all you can do is stay with your friends and keep her out of danger. talk to her cos i know myself when i come out of one i get so freaked out and need reasssurance. i havent had one for a year now so you could say ive returned to normal but i still always have that fear something will happen. good luck and be there for your friend. atend appointment with her if you can as she needs someone to describe them and it sounds liek you need the info too. what really helps the doctor is a good description of them and in my case they got a filming of them.
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8 Jan 07
Thee are grand mal and there are petite mall.. and they are usualy controled by phenobarbitol or prevent more of them from happening. They usualy can run tests to see if anything abnormal shows up in the brain scans. Like too much electicity or if the seizures favored one side of the brain opposed to the other. You are saying they dont know why? They also can occur with high fevers especialy in children who have what is called PHEBERAL seizures. Have the neurologists run all of the tests already? Is she taking meds to block anymore? If a seizure lasts too long it will shut down the lungs and they will require life support.