do u support live in relationships?

January 7, 2007 7:34pm CST
if v talk bout our culture...i dnt support it...when love happens its sumthin naver happens on trial basis.
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• Hyderabad, India
8 Jan 07
live in relationships are surely going to corrupt the minds of the youth.They appear to be a potential threat to the institution of marriage
• Philippines
8 Jan 07
I do, I know some friends who are married but theyr not that happy in their life, they keep on cheating each other, they are only together because of their child. its not that living in a relationship goes on trial. for me it never was. its just that marriage is just a contract and legal documents. what important is you understand and accept your partner for what he is. it comes to case to case basis. As for me, I came from a broken relationship. Were about to get married and thank God, we never got married instead we broke up, after 5yrs of relationship. Just because he was not happy anymore and found someone else new. you can never tell your future. Marriage is not that important for me. well, its just my opinion. :)