Should the Yankees Get Roger Clemens?

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January 7, 2007 9:07pm CST
Just curious what you guys think. Should the Yankees consider picking up Roger Clemens? If they do, will he even be very good? And I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be pitching for them until June or July, so I'm kinda hoping they don't. I'm pretty happy with how their rotation looks right now.
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1 Mar 07
jimbo21, I feel that the Yanks shouldn't get Roger. I feel that once he retired from the Yankees and we did such a spectacular day for him and the fans were so into his last game, and then he decides to come out of retirement to go play for another team. I thought that was a little messed up. I'm sure there were no hard feelings but personally I felt that was a little messed up and I personally stopped keeping track of him and in turn disliking him to an extent. It has nothing to do with the Red Sox at all. Also, he was like lights out too for the Astros. That was insane. I feel that if he were to come back to the Yanks he would pull a Randy Johnson and wind up pitching horribly and messing up our chances at another champtionship... Thats my 2 cents but the situation has its pros and cons. petriellog2
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21 Feb 07
no they dont need him. and plus he is over the hill.
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14 Feb 07
hell yeah. because roger is one of the best players on the mets team. and the yankee is my favorite team, so if they get roger i think he would be a great asset to my team
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8 Jan 07
I'd take Clemens any day, he can still be a shut down pitcher and the yankees should be able to give him more run support than the astros have managed over the past 2 seasons