British tourist found hanged outside Goa, India..... Murdered.....

@James72 (26829)
January 7, 2007 11:55pm CST
What a sad, sad situation. This poor man was concerned for his life and had innumerous conversations with his Mother by phone explaining to her that he feared for his life. She tried his best to help him but he ran out of funds and the people that murdered him had taken his passport etc He was only 40 years old and was lynched outside of Goa. He knew something was going to happen yet because he was in a foreign country and out of his comfort zone he was unable to stop what happened to him. I feel for his family and hope that whoever did this is brought to justice. I am living and working in India at the moment and have always wanted to see Goa.... I'm not so sure now.....
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@Thomas73 (1467)
• Switzerland
8 Jan 07
It would be interesting to know the exact reason why he was murdered. I have to admit that it must have been terrible for him to fear for his life then die, far from home, in a very different country and culture than his own. His family too must be terribly upset. But let's not start to believe that all British tourists get murdered in India. Those I know made it back safely and really enjoyed their trip.
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@James72 (26829)
• Australia
8 Jan 07
One of the speculations is that he may have acted inappropriately to one of the locals wives' but this hasn't been confirmed as yet..... I do realise that this is an exception and not the rule! This is my fourth time here and I have not experienced any issues at all. Does cause concern though. The local news in India has been having a field day with murder and assault on tourists lately. I hope it abates soon.