why is the one whom u love doesnt love u and the whom u dont love love you???

January 8, 2007 1:27am CST
why does it happen??
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• Philippines
8 Jan 07
well this is one of the many mysteries that life brings us.and i have been in these situations for like hundreds of times already.i have been hurt but i survived.all you need to do is to be happy with whatever it is that you are doing.if you love someone who doesn't love you and is happy with the way things are,then be contented with it.sooner or later you would find someone who could love you in return.and if somebody loves you but you don't feel anything for the person,then please don't leave them hanging,don't give them false hopes that they would have a chance.be frank to them about what you feel,so they could move on with their lives.it is the way that you handle a situation that really counts.just be sure you do the right decisions in life and hey..no regrets in the end ok?!
• Nepal
8 Jan 07
hey thanks for your suggestion readin ur suggestion i came to know tht u hve gone through this too..well wht have you done