Eudemons Online is a Really Good Game to play, anyone here have played it?

January 8, 2007 2:00am CST
I have been playing Eudemons Online for quite some time now, its a really good game for all ages, its kinda childish but its a lot more FUN, and thts wht defines a good "Game". Its Free2Play but it do have a Paid System, but u can Enjoy the game even if u dont PAY!! i never Paid in Eudemons but i still Enjoy this GAME & i am gonna Play it Forever.:D It would be nice if anyone played Eudemons give thr comments.:)
2 responses
• India
8 Jan 07
Ya,Eudemons is a realy gr8 game to play.I played it also,Its rocking.The 2 things I mostly love in this game is Eudemons composeing & God blessing.Its a nice game to play.
• United States
19 Mar 07
I play Eudemons. I have a lvl 80 something warrior. It's fun to play and the weekend events which give eps, eggs, or money are nice.
@Ravana (14)
20 Jul 07
hi yeah i used to play it though it is good game but just playiing other games more now any you ever played conquer online kinda alike well is not bad game i mosty play that game and others
@frenken (25)
• Malaysia
29 Apr 10
eudemons online... i like this game very much... with the new paladin caracter make the game more awesome and adventuring!!!