January 8, 2007 2:10am CST
good day to every members of this site.... just want to convey this question to know why most people like chatting... as for me i like chatting for many reasons... first it is through chatting that you can get acquaint of your friends who are living far from you. it is also through this activity that meeting person coming from different locality, different races and different country who acquire unique personalities is made possible. it is wonderful to exchange ideas and opinion... and to share one's culture and tradition to other... wanna share your answers....
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@hinrichas (396)
• Spain
9 Jan 07
I very like chatting with my friends etc. I like chatting. Have a nice day :).
• India
11 Jan 07
chatting is good as long as it is not misused. I keep in touch with my children thru chat since they stay away from me. In fact one of my sons got married to a chat friend
• India
8 Jan 07
hi .well according to me chatting is a good way to make friends and understand people.thou i personally use it for just passing time but i beleive u can make good friends online