Getting baby to sleep safely and how not to flatten a baby’s head

@jnr1234 (129)
January 8, 2007 2:29am CST
The danger of putting a baby to sleep on his/her tummy and has included several studies and researches that found that it could be one of the cause of sudden infant death. Therefore, the new moms with babies often place their babies on their sides to sleep. However, this in turn cause another problem. Flat head. It wasn’t easy to keep wriggly babies sleeping in the position we want because they squirm a lot. Squirm is the best word to describe a newborn who can’t keep still. Usually, I rolled up a towel firmly and wedge it after I have placed my baby on his side. But he would soon get back on sleeping on his back. It is one long process of trying to fit him into a position we think he should be sleeping and his escape of sleeping in a position he enjoys. With the fear of suffocation at the back of my mind, it was quite a few months of sleepless nights for me too because I have the Petronia of SIDS. I know several bereaved moms from my grief support group whose babies died of SIDs and hence, the fear is even multiplied and magnified. As a result, I woke up abruptly in the middle of the night to check on him constantly. I am sure other new moms too have these concerns and they are often looking for a safer way of putting their newborns to sleep. Well, there are baby products in the market that are tailored for our babies’ safety. However, some may find it to be too expensive and some hesitate if they should invest in these safety products. As an experienced mom, I would say, don’t scrimp on them if you can afford it. Otherwise, be bold and tell your friends/colleagues what you wish for as baby gift and they can probably pool their money together and get them for you. My ex-colleagues and my hubby colleagues have pooled their collections and got us car seats, high chair and strollers.
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@weee_ann (1455)
• Philippines
8 Jan 07
Make sure that your baby will sleep from side to the other side. Turn his/her head from left to right. Do not let your baby sleep in flat, not all the time. Make sure to sing to him/her. My son's head is a little flat but not that flat.
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