How should my Dr. or I word my claim for owcp?

June 26, 2006 10:43am CST
I have worked as a letter carrier for the usps for 17+ years. I gave it everything I had. Now, I'm having problems with my feet. I have been off work per my podiatrists since April 14th 2006. I filed a CA2 which is an ongoing injury which has happened over time. So far I have been dinied twice. I also had surgery on my right foot. What does the Dr. or I have to say to get this approved through OWCP. I've explained that it is from standing on my feet for 60 hrs. per week. I do nothing else, I can't , I have no time or energy I work 6 days per week 10 to 12 hours daily. I would like to have a life, but as it stands right now I can barely make it through my work day because my feet hurt to the point that I can hardly walk. Please contact me at Pam 480-329-2694
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