Why do men who are going bald comb hair over the bald spot?

@patootie (3593)
January 8, 2007 7:54am CST
Ohh dear, I do hope I am not about to upset some really nice man who has his hair combed over .. but really .. why, why do men comb their hair over a balding patch .. we've all seen what happens in even a small breeze .. that horrid long lank of hair blows around like a sail in the wind .. Men .. please .. don't do this .. firstly it isn't very attractive and actually draws the eye to the 'thinner' areas of your hair .. and be honest, you know it isn't going to stay in place for long .. A balding pate is a sign of virility .. so show off your head and be proud of it ..
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@ukchriss (2103)
10 Jan 07
Do some men still do the old comb over? No matter what they think, a comb over — growing your hair long on top, parting it to the side and combing it over the balding area — fools no one and never looks good. So Shave your head. It really does look trendy and nice. I think Going bald is a hereditary condition some men have to learn to live with for the rest of their lifes. Though there are some treatments on the market, such as hair transplants or prescription medications, men should accept the hair they have and learn to adjust their hairstyle accordingly. People do not make fun of bald men, people make fun of bald men wearing hair pieces or using combovers … Anyway I think bald men are much more sexy. Going bald doesn’t have to mean a lifetime of bad hairstyles. be free, be you, be bold, be bald, be yourself