is internet not bounding us to 14 inch screen.. and away from own Real Relations

January 8, 2007 8:00am CST
i just wana know that internet is taking us away from our real relationships, kidz spend hours and hours using internet but they havent got enough time to sit with there parents... we make friendz on internet but we dont know wo is living next to our door and are they alrite and not facing any problem...
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8 Jan 07
True very much true. the internet may have made our life and world easier and smaller but it has definitely cut us off from the real world. With the internet we are abiding to virtual friends, but in reality we do not know who our next door neighbor is. There was a time when we used to send and receive Christmas Cards by post and hang them up but now all this is replaced by e cards which we can hardly hang up anywhere.
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@howhigh (758)
• Canada
5 May 07
I think the internet is forcing us to define what is real rather than being something that divides us from reality. When communication wasn't so easy, physical presence was the best way to confirm a deal or to maintain a relationship. And now that it is so easy to communication in meaningful ways on the internet this physical aspect of reality is losing its merit or rather its losing weight to a new form of communication. At the same time existence of choice strengthens the message when you do choose communicate in physical channels.. maybe it does force us inside the house and keep us focused only on what we want rather than the randomness right out the door but is this bad? Or rather is this any different than without the internet? Some people throw away Christmas cards or don't send them other people have met their neighbors and moved. What i think the internet does is lower transaction costs for communication and that isn't necessarily a bad thing.. it allows like minded people to find each other much more efficiently than the random distraction of the suburbs. I understand that what you are saying is that choosing to lead a virtual life as and with whoever you like is not as real as the people around you outside that you have never met. You say that these people in effect lead a double life on the internet and off the internet.. my argument is that the outside life is just a virtual as the internet. Or that rather it is the goal of the internet to become just as virtual.
@jep_toyo (1607)
• Philippines
9 Jan 07
the technology that should be making us closer are making us rooted on our chairs and stare blankly on our monitors... yes, the internet takes away our social life.
• India
8 Jan 07
it definatelly takes too much of my time.i come back from work turn the computer on just to check emails etc and the next thing i know is midnight or so and i havent done anything i was planning to do.or my days off-like today-i was meant to do some studying and other things i cant do when working but now its 1pm and i havent done anything as yet.I thought I will do some other work outside my home,but when I sit before the internet, there is no end to it. One site after the other and there are plenty of emails to be replied otherwise the information becomes stale. It is a type of addiction....