My backyard becomes a swamp!

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January 8, 2007 12:51pm CST
Help! I am wanting a garden but my backyard turns into a swamp when it rains more than 1 inch. Any suggestions? Any drainage suggestions?
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24 Jan 07
well you could spend a lot of money on haveing it drained or you could plant some trees that drink a lot of water i would plant the trees my self much cheaper willows are the best for water and come in many different kinds.
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27 Jan 07
That's a very good idea! Thanks fro the advice. I wouldn't have thought of that.
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8 Jan 07
Make some raised beds and use gravel in the bottom 2 to 4 inches then if it floods the water will not dround the plants.
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12 Jan 07
Cool. Thanks.
@jaredlp (418)
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2 Feb 07
im with number 2 while the orignal concern may have been the garden i would worry about the long term effect on the foundation of the house. and bring in a pro landscaper to help design a yard that will help water drain away and still previde a beautful spot for a garden... tree will help ofr a couple years but got to remember they giong to block sunlight from ur yard needed for the garden plus roots may damage a weak fondation