Saddam's execution

January 8, 2007 12:57pm CST
Before you Judge on Saddam? Did anyone tried to know the other point of view? Did you hear the other stories of the other side! I know that you only heard the American Propaganda! How do you Judge a person through his enemies! All of us Knows that Bush and his father, hates Saddam! so why did you take their point of view. The execution of the great President Saddam Hussein is injustice and the folly of the Iraqi ruling authorities and their superiors American. Iraqi constitution prohibits giving protection to the Iraqi President not to be treated in a bad way but treat him with honor, which didn't happen. Islam prohibits killing onself in such a blessing months, especially in the days of Eid al-adha holiday. but if bush is not aware of Muslim holidays then leave them alone and not to involve their own affairs.
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