Arranged marriage vs Love marriage

@ceepee (24)
January 8, 2007 12:58pm CST
Do you think that its better to marry some one you love even if your parents are against? or you go for an arranged marriage and want to marry some one chosen by your parents? I know you people want an arranged love marriage.But what if ur parents are against?
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@charmz07 (86)
• Philippines
12 Jan 07
Of course, it would always feel great to live with the one you love. It makes you a live freely because its your choice of person. Parents should be our guardian and not a dictator. Although, parents think they are more knowledgeable it doesn't mean that they're good at everything especially in choosing our lifetime partner. But i'm not telling you guys to be disobedient to your parents. Its just that, we need to be independent and need to follow our heart. Surely, they'll understand for they've been through it.
@Bearkc (18)
• Germany
9 Jan 07
I believe you need to marriage who you love regardless what other, thinks, This life is too short to be unhappy. Is this person making you feel good about living, which brings out the best in you, who is joyful and giving. Who make you feel strong, you have trust in each other, my brother follow you heart. It's take time to share a moment with someone. Relationship are destroy, because we start caring what other think or said. Just my thought. One Shot One Kill
@myfriendz (1226)
• India
8 Jan 07
i thik this is the problem haunting generation after generation i have a good solution for it if u love some one dont tell it to ur parents portray it as a arranged by making arranged so the problem will be mostly solved
@coolcat123 (4392)
• India
8 Jan 07
I think arrange marriages are the best option even in todays life coz I have seen many pairs broken up in front of me without having a serious reason or problem. parents always chose best for there child and can never think of there harm .